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July 24, 2020

How To Report A Maintenance Request On Our Website in 5 Simple Steps

Our easy to use online software allows you to report a maintenance request from wherever, whenever. The report is then logged and sent to us so that we can find the correct solution quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is go to and follow the below steps.

How to report a maintenance request

Step 1 to report a maintenance request select from a range of options

Step 1- What is the problem?

The first step is to select an image from a range of options that corresponds to your issue. You may have to describe your issue further. In addition, you may be offered solutions for you to try to and fix the problem yourself for minor issues.

Step to to report a maintenance request is to upload photos of the issue

Step 2- Add Photos

You will then be asked to add photos of your problem to help show and explain the issue you are facing. You can add up to 10 photos. We recommend you add as many as you can to show the full extent of the problem so it allows us to fully assess it.

Step 3 to report a maintenance request is to add in your address details

Step 3- Address Details

The next step is to add the address of your property into the search bar. Once you start typing, you will then be able to select the correct address that corresponds to your property.

Step 4 to report a maintenance request is to add in your contact details

Step 4- Contact Details

Following on from step 3, you will then need to add in your contact details. This will allow us to reach you and provide you updates from contractors if relevant.

Step 5 to report your maintenance request is to confirm and send the form

Step 5- Confirm and Send

The final step is to fill out our agency name and branch location (E.g. Berkley Estate & Letting Agents Leicester). Then add any further notes you may have. After that, fill out the final questions on consent and health questions in relation to Coronavirus. Then click ‘Submit Issue’. You have now reported a maintenance request.

What happens next?

Once you have reported a maintenance request on our website, our dedicated maintenance coordinator can then decipher what the best solution is. If any contractors are needed, they will be contacted and a time will be arranged for them to access the property to fix the issue. Do you have a maintenance request? Click the ‘report maintenance request’ button below and then follow the steps- it’s simple!

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