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May 29, 2020

Safety Measures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This week the Government announced that the property industry can now reopen its doors and get the market running again. Therefore, Berkley Estate and Letting Agents will be reopening our offices again from the 1st June, on an appointment basis only. This aims to adhere to strict social distancing rules by limiting the number of people in the office. Our upmost priority at this time is protecting the safety of all our staff and clients. Below, we have outlined our safety measures for conducting physical viewings. This advises vendors on viewers on the safety standards we expect ourselves and them to follow.

Virtual Viewings will still be conducted before physical viewings

Our current aim is to make virtual viewings available for all our properties that don’t yet have one. This allows potential buyers to gain an initial understanding of whether the property is suitable for them. The videos can be followed up by any further information requests that the viewer may have. If the viewer is still interested in the property, they can then request a physical viewing.

Safety Measures for Physical Viewings

After attending many seminars with industry experts, and analyzing the government guidelines, Berkley Estate Agents have put in place new safety measures. We will be following these to ensure all physical viewings are as safe as possible for all those involved.

Safety measures for physical viewings consisting of a medical questionnaire, a face mask, open doors and windows and gloves or hand sanitizer
  1. First, the viewer will need to fill out a medical questionnaire stating they are medically fit to view the property. Those that are high risk, or may have coronavirus symptoms will NOT be allowed to view the property.
  2. Once you complete the questionnaire, a viewing will be arranged. Please note that only two people from two households will be allowed to attend the viewing (the viewer counts as one). Also, we ask that where possible children are not brought to viewings.
  3. At the viewing, it is ESSENTIAL the viewer wears a face covering (a medical mask if possible). Also, it is desirable that the viewer wears medical gloves. If you do not have gloves you MUST apply hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the property. Please bring your own as these are not provided.
  4. As you view the property, it is imperative that you, the viewer, does not touch any surfaces or door handles. Also, we ask that vendors open all doors and windows in the property to allow a flow of air and allow a non-contact passage through the property for viewers.
  5. Once the viewing has taken place, an agent/vendor will clean all surfaces and door handles between viewers. This will help to ensure the property is clean and safe for the next viewers.

Berkley Estate and Letting Agents are still conducting property listings and valuations

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market or require a FREE valuation of your property, we are still able to conduct these. Like viewings, we have strict safety measures in place and will adhere to a similar process when valuing properties. Your safety and the safety of our employees is our priority. So please get in touch as we can guide you throughout the process.

Do you have a question or query about these safety measures?

We understand these are worrying and uncertain times. If you have any questions or queries about our safety measures then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for important updates and other useful content.

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